Chastity Key holder Jewelry and Presentation

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UPDATE 06/16/14: Some pieces now available.  Necklace in the photograph below, a lovely little toe ring, and some necklace styles.  You can find all item currently available here: All Chastity KeyHolder Jewelry

Individual items:

Toe Ring with key      Key Holder Necklace with Hand Clasp     Large Brass Key Necklace

Glass Jar Necklace with Tiny Key

Coming soon.  Key holder jewelry and presentation for chastity keys coming soon to Pinch the Muse.  Just wearing a padlock key on a necklace can be suitable, but not always to a person’s taste or appropriate wear for all occasions.  In the next few weeks I will be making my line of chastity keyholder jewelry available.

Simple styles that can be worn in any space, along with more elaborate styles and presentation boxes.  The line will include chastity key holder styles in necklaces, bracelets, and toe rings.



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