Customs and Contents Declaration

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When mailing outside of the United States all packages with merchandise require a customs declaration.  All purchases are declared (as legally required) as sales merchandise.  This means they will be evaluated for any duties, vat, taxes or fees due.  A more in depth article on taxes and fees is here.

Along with declaring that the package contains merchandise,  I also have to list what the merchandise is.  USPS requires a detailed listing of contents.  This ensures that both the USPS and the receiving country can verify that the contents meet their import guidelines.  Most countries do allow the items for sale on

I understand (and believe myself) that it really isn’t important for the postal delivery person to know all the details.  Therefore I ship in plain packaging and I do not describe the items with BDSM related terminology.  The items are easily described as required without the need of descriptive words such as nipple clamps, slave collar, bdsm jewelry, etc…  A slave collar can be described as a fashion accessory: leather necklace, bdsm jewelry is simply described as a charm bracelet or necklace, while clamps and the like can be described as body jewelry or decor items.

Below is a sample label so you can see exactly what I mean.


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