About Us

Pinch the Muse, ltd is really an "about me".  You may see reference throughout the website to "we" or "us".  But it is just me.
I design and create the items for sale here.  I handle the ordering, shipping and customer service too.  I also do the photography of the pieces and the website upkeep.

I consider myself a "micro business".  I make "pretties" as I call them.  I grew up in a crafty household and have made jewelry and other handmade items for quite some time. I spent many years working in a retail setting and try to take the "best" of what I've learned from that and apply it to my own business.

I am very committed to providing the best customer service I can, as there is no business without my customers.

During my time selling online I have found that there are a couple things I would love my customers and potential customers to know.

-Please do contact me.  I am very happy to answer any questions you may have-before and after purchase.  Online shopping is very different than in person.  I understand that a picture does not convey feel, weight, etc...  I try my best to describe an item for sale, but sometimes you may still have a question.  Again, please do contact me, I am happy to provide additional information if at all possible.  There is an ask a question button on each product page, so it is quite simple just to ask that question!  Alternately, you can email me: questions@pinchthemuse.com.

-Who are my products for?  Anyone who wants to buy them!  You may see lifestyle or gender descriptions on the website, those are used so people using search engines can find my products, not so much to say it is an item only for that type of lifestyle or group. I do not feel my items are only for a particular group or type of person. If it "speaks" to you then it is for you! 

A little more info for those that like to read these kinds of things.  I work out of my small studio in Beavercreek, Ohio (closest large city is Dayton, Ohio).  Selling online is my business not a hobby and I also maintain shops selling gamer jewelry and goth and fantasy inspired jewelry, crafting supplies and vintage items.  I do continue to create new styles and lines of items.  I do not have a regular schedule of release of new items (such as spring or fall lines), but list new items as soon as I have them available for you.

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