Double rhinestone heart clip on pink slim fit day collar Bdsm styled leather day collar.

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Pictured is the slim pink leather collar with double hearts and rhinestone clip. Slim fit day slave collar has clip and chain to close the bdsm collar. Double heart charm clip is made up of two open hearts with a silver color finish.
Leather collar is 7/16 of an inch wide (about 1.1 cm).  Chain allows for about 1/2 inch of adjustment in the sizing (about 1.25 cm). 

Choose your leather color using the drop down boxes above.

Choose your size: most find the neck measurement plus ½ inch is a comfortable fit.  If you would prefer a tighter fit use your neck measurement plus ¼ inch (½ inch is 1.27 cm and ¾ inch is 2 cm).


  • Model: 1023

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