Collar Cuff Set Leather Bdsm Slave bells in black and shimmer

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White leather bdsm collar set.  Set includes One collar, two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs.  Each collar and cuff have one dee ring located by the buckle.

Slave bells and chains decorate each piece.  Each bell cluster has five 10mm bells with clappers (they do ring).  Bell colors are silver plate, black, and black shimmer.  The black shimmer bells have a texture, with a flat grey color mixed in.  Each chain dangle end has three 6mm bells, one black, one silver plate and black shimmer.  They do have clappers, but do not ring very loudly on their own.

Chains and rings are gunmetal color aluminum.  Aluminum is lightweight and tarnish free.

Slave collar and cuffs will make ringing noise with movement.  A bit subjective, but bells are not super loud or very high pitched.  The person next to the wearer would be able to hear the bells but someone across the room may or may not hear them.

Collar width is one inch (2.5 cm), ankle cuff width is 9/16 of an inch (1.4 cm) , and wrist cuff width is 7/16 of an inch (1.1 cm).

All chains, bells and rings are DECORATIVE.  Attach at dee rings only.  Attaching to decorative portions of the slave collar and/or slave cuffs will break the rings and chains.


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