Labia Jewelry Non Piercing Rings with Slave Bells

$18.00 USD

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Labia Jewelry Non Piercing Rings with Slave Bells and mini chain

The silver plate non piercing hoops are 1/2 inch in diameter (13 mm) with an opening of approximately 1/4 inch (6 mm).

The two bell clusters are 10mm and the bells on the chain are 6mm in size.  Bells are silver plated steel.

The aluminum chain is about 4 inches long with 6 bells.  The small 6mm steel bells do have a clapper and ring, but not very loudly. The chain can easily be removed leaving just the two bell cluster on the rings. 

These non piercing hoops are designed for the inner labia or clitoral hood.  They may fit the outer labia, depending on your shape.

These fit comfortably, meaning they do not pinch or cause discomfort and are not designed to have weights added to them.


  • Model: 1372

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