Bedroom Jewelry Barbells for pierced nipples green chains and crystals

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Barbell nipple jewelry.  Anodized Stainless steel barbells for pierced nipples.  Barbells are 14g and measure 1.6mm (bar diameter) by 38 mm (bar length) with 5mm ball ends. One ball end on each barbell is screw off/on.  Barbell has a pretty rainbow color effect.  Chain is green with sized 6mm green glass crystals with an a/b finish.

Pierced nipple chain is 20 inches long (51 cm) with 9 glass faceted crystals.  Crystals are fixed on the chain and do not slide.

Choose your custom chain size 8-21 inches.  All chain sizes include 9 crystals evenly spaced on the chain. Smaller chain size just means that the crystals will be closer together than in the picture.

Aluminum chain is lightweight, tarnish resistant and has 6x4mm links.

Pretty nipple jewelry with a little sparkle.


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