Day Collar Chain Choker Heart Spring Gate Gold Color Slave Jewelry

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Slave day collar.  Choker length gold color aluminum chains with BIG gold tone spring gate heart closure.

Choose your size up to 16 inches.  When measuring measure for how you want the necklace to fit, not exact neck size.

Heart opens and closes by pushing the spring gate closure in.  This allows one side of the chain to be removed or placed on the heart.  As mentioned the spring gate heart closure is LARGE and measures 2 inches high and 2-1/4 inches wide (about 5cm by 6cm).  Closure is accented with a gold plate charm in the shape of a heart lock.

Chain is gold color aluminum with 14x10mm links (0.55 by 0.39 inches).  Chain does not tarnish and is very lightweight.  Weight of slave day collar with both chain and closure is about 1.6 oz (46 g).


  • Model: 1571

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