Locking slave collar with chains and ringing bells

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Locking slave collar with chains and ringing bells

Pictured is the pink collar. Slave collar features locking buckle, with chains and ringing bells embellishment.  Included is the heart lock, two keys, and a fob with chain and bells. Fob can be attached clipped to the dee ring with the end of the chain attached to the lock.

Chains and bells embellishments are for looks only and will break if they are attached to or tugged on. Use the dee ring by the buckle for any attachment or tugging.

Chains are silver color aluminum, links have a texture and measure 7mm x 4mm.  Bells have clappers and do ring. Bells are silver plated brass and about 1/2 inch in size.

Chain dangles measure 3 inches long from top of the ring to bottom of the bell.

Total of ten bells (6 on the collar and 4 on the fob).

Silver color heart lock is made of a zinc alloy and highly reflective.  Two keys are included.
Heart lock measures: 1-1/2 inches tall (including hasp) and 1 inch wide (3.8 by 2.5 cm).

Bdsm locking collar is 1 inch wide and available in three sizes: small, medium and large.
Choose your leather collar color from five different colors: pink, black, blue, white or red.


  • Model: 1038

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