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Locking buckle bdsm collar with heart lock and rhinestones.  Pictured options are pink leather clear a/b rhinestones.

Pretty slave collar with 3 front dee rings on clips and one dee ring located by the locking buckle.  Heart lock and two keys on key ring are included with the collar.

Leather colors:
Collar colors seen in last two pictures: Pink, Blue, white, black, or red

Embellishment choices: Clear A/B, Rainbow, Black, Light Purple, plain (rivets, no rhinestones), no clip dees (no clip dees or rhinestones).  The rainbow rhinestones do change colors depending on the angle they are viewed. Light Purple is a very light purple color, in some lighting it almost looks clear. Embellishments are 12 mm in size (about 1/2 inch diameter).

Please note the rings may rotate around the screws and may not be suitable for all styles of play.

Lock is nickel plated and heart shaped height including hasp is 1-1/2 inches (3.8cm) and 1 inch wide (2.5cm). Two keys come with lock.

Bdsm collar is one inch wide (2.5cm) with soft foam core for easy wear.

 Dee rings are 5/8 of an inch (1.6 cm) and clip is 1-1/4 inches long (3cm), clip dees are secured by chicago screws or spikes, depending on your choice and can rotate around the screw.

There are non rhinestone choices you can select but are not pictured.  Plain screws-no rhinestones--that comes with the clip dees and just the silver color rivets...no rhinestones.  Silver color spikes-no rhinestones is each clip dee attached to the collar with spikes instead of rivets and no rhinestones.  Plain-no clip dees-no rhinestones is just a plain collar front.  No clip dees, screws or rhinestones, but with one regular dee ring located by the buckle.


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